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For last several years, I have done several projects in Gurgaon and was wondering how I can

promote the health, especially of middle class educated community. And, when I talked to
my staff, I came across one story after other, where people just died suddenly from the heart
Why I am so shocked? After 30 years of practice in USA, I have never really come
across any case of so-called ‘sudden death’ in USA. If anybody who has died, it
was always anticipated. Every death in USA has to be signed by an MD/Doctor.
And at times, I have signed 20 death certificates a month, mostly of the people in
their 80s and 90s.
With some more research, it became obvious to me that all these people have
had red-flag signs like either a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drinking, high
cholesterol etc. or not seeing a doctor for several years and not getting any
testing done.
When we develop diabetes or blood pressure or any other situation, we have the
time to find out about it and there is absolutely no risk of dying suddenly from
these conditions

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