Promoting Proactive Healthcare: Maximizing Life Span in India from 66 to 85 Years

Add15Years is one-way where people can access ‘Proactive Healthcare’ tips in very simple words. Through Add15Plus proactive healthcare books, we reach out to our community to share the message about the importance of improving health. It is a call to action, for all individuals to live a lifestyle that will give them the best chance to maximize their potential as they age.

We are highly focused on educating our community and are committed to provide guidance to the people about importance of good-health. And, for providing that support we are writing easy to understand series of proactive healthcare books which provide you all the basic information.
1980’s medicine is obsolete today though it would look like a miracle for someone who lived in 1880’s. READ MORE  

HIV Book-1

Adding 15 Years To Your Life, can we? of course, we can, HIV Book-1, There are 6 more booking coming soon on HIV topics

Manage 10 Factors

1980’s Medicine is “So” Obsolete Today in 2019, Manage 10 Factors & Add 15 Years To Your Life Span

Heart- 3 Imp Test

“By spending Rs. 12, 250 every 5 years we can live for 30 more years or die in 5 minutes from a Heart Attack. A choice every 35 years plus man”.