Coronavirus Update - Till Feb 25, 2020 Book-1

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Out book focuses on educating people about the sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus, worldwide, COVID-19 coronavirus. All the top medical bodies across the globe are dealing with it but there is an urgent need to create proper awareness about this virus, it's symptoms, preventive measures and treatment among the community people. This book has been written with the intention to impart our community people with the right knowledge about this virus and how they can take care of their families.

Key highlights of this book captured are as beneath:

  • Corona cases all over world

  • About different coronaviruses- SARS, MERS etc.

  • How do we get any virus or germ anyway?

  • COVID-19 coronavirus Incubation period, Isolation and Quarantine

  • Who really is getting serious illness?

  • What is the treatment of coronavirus anyway?

  • Is there any vaccine for coronavirus?

  • As a doctor what I will do for me and for my family member?

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