We all have been hearing it our entire lives that “you reap what you sow” or “health is wealth”, but how many of us actually have tried to think about it and implemented it in our lives? We need to understand that being healthy at all times should be our priority because if you have health, you have all. Without health, our vitality, energy, and some of the most important parts of our lives will be exposed to the opportunity to suffer. 


We completely agree that earning wealth is as important in the early stages of life, however, if you are earning all this at the cost of ignoring your health, the purpose will be defeated all together. No wealth could fix a broken limb or handicap! All you will be left with are some costly treatments which do not even promise to take your body back to being what it used to be!


This is where these suggestions come into picture. It’s an effort from our end to help you gather the ideas and opportunities to maintain healthy habits early in your life so that your older self-thanks you later! 


Sleep well


Getting a  goodnight sleep is the bare minimum necessity that your body has to meet daily in order to lead a healthy life. Studies have shown that lack of proper sleep causes stress, anxiety, and early signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.


Stay Hydrated


Always keep a check on the signs that tell if the body is dehydrated. Without a proper amount of water intake, a body can not function at its best. If the water intake is good or sufficient, we will stay miles away from some chronic diseases. Staying hydrated also keeps us away from hypertension and heart diseases.


Sugar is the sweetest enemy


Yes, this is true. We are all aware of the fact that desserts have some disturbing amounts of sugar used to prepare them. This excess amount of sugar intake can cause your skin and neck to sag along with wrinkles and fine lines. Regular intake of excessive amounts could damage your body on the outside as well as the inside. Nonetheless, It’s okay to indulge once in a while and not make a habit out of it.


Work on building the body muscle


Most of us, if not all, know that as our body ages, it starts to lose muscle. Such a loss could cause a lack of strength and immobility in old age. It is highly advisable to keep it in check by maintaining a workout routine that helps the body build and maintain the muscle mass so that we stay healthy as a horse and defy age.


Keep an eye on the body weight


Eating healthy is another habit that could be added to the list as it helps in maintaining a healthy body weight for the most part of life. We all love all our donuts, burgers, pizzas, and tacos, however, these will only cause harm to a body as it ages. We need to understand that with age, our metabolism starts to lose its magic and all of this junk could cause the body to gain that unhealthy fat that none of us want! No matter if we eat the same amount of food that we used to consume while we were young, we would still be gaining weight because of the slower metabolism. So, let us all maintain healthy eating habits along with some workout routine that suits us well.


The heart wants what it wants


Show your heart some love by keeping it at its healthiest as the process of ageing spares none of the organs, not even your heart! As our age progresses, we start to develop many heart diseases because of thickened arteries, thickened heart wall, and irregular heartbeat. It’s important to understand that smoking will only make the situation worse, hence quit this bad habit as early as you can. In order to keep your heart healthy and beating, make sure to follow a workout routine for at least 2 and a half to 3 hours a week. These physical activities will also keep your blood sugar in control.


Rainbow on a plate


Vera Watson says, “I always say, colour your plate for good health, and that holds true with heart disease. If you have a pretty colourful plate, then you are getting most of the nutrients you need.” and we couldn’t agree more! We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are extremely important for the health of our body. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your plate full of different colored vegetables, be it in a salad or a stew. These not only taste great but also promote anti-ageing properties which will only make your life longer and healthier!